Crazy-Efficient Client Approvals ✅

The fastest way to get social media content approvals

Our customers' favorite feature, hands down. Getting feedback is as easy as copying and pasting a link. And because users can access from any browser, even mobile, your client approval process just got easier!

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How easy is it to get content approved with Cloud Campaign?

Our integrated content Approval workflow makes getting social media client approvals fun and fast.

Chase opportunities, not approvals

One skill all marketers have in common? Herding cats! Turn the messy and time-consuming task of getting content approval into a streamlined process that involves your customers.

Seamless Social Media Client Approvals

Get your clients involved - and love it! Create and send  content approvals in seconds and get time-stamped feedback with image-upload support.

Single-Click Account Connection

Cloud Connect quickly and securely links your client's social media accounts without sharing logins or passwords. Connecting your client's social media accounts has never been easier!