Free Social Media Audit Template & Guide

Looking for a free social media audit template? We've got you covered with our updated free social media audit template and guide to help you get the most from your audits.

Free Social Media Audit Template Download

Looking for your FREE social media audit template? We've got you covered! Click here to download your template now.

Social Media Audit Video Guide


In this video, join Chris and Mya as they jump into the importance of regular social media audits using our free social media audit template.

Why Are Social Media Audits Important?

Whether you’re managing current clients or taking on new ones, it’s essential to conduct regular social media audits to understand and review your customer’s accounts, strategies, and effectiveness to make informed decisions on how to improve or optimize your campaigns.

A well-designed audit guides your strategic decisions with the insights you learn during the audit, saving you time and effort as you manage and monitor campaigns.

How Often Should You Do A Social Media Audit?

While audits are invaluable for developing sound social media strategies for your clients, there is a time and place for them to be truly effective.

Generally, the best times to conduct audits are when you bring on a new or prospective client and on a recurring basis. While it's great to have the resources to do monthly audits or check-ins, most agencies find that quarterly or yearly audits are sufficient to stay on course.

Audits Help Build Roadmap To Success

Audits gives you a repeatable framework to discover the key information you need as an agency to serve them best. This includes (but is not limited to) their available budget and resources, whether they're hands-on or hands-off with their social media, and setting realistic expectations for your services.

What To Look For When Auditing Social Media Accounts

Every agency conducts audits differently based on its services and resources, but there are some general things to look out for when you're auditing.

  • Optimized profiles (updated account name and header, filled out bio, profile/banner photos, keywords, links)
  • Posting frequency
  • Content types
  • Platform feature utilization (i.e. Reels, Shorts)
  • Consistency of brand/tone
  • Top performing content on each platform

Using Audits To Set Campaign Goals

A good audit should help you set concise and achievable goals for your client’s social media strategy.

If you’re following along with our social media audit template, think about at these 4 questions before starting an audit:

  • What are your long-term social media goals?
  • What are your short-term goals?
  • What are you wanting to learn about your accounts through this audit?
  • What platforms are you currently using and why? Are there others you want to add? If so, why?

Auditing and revisiting your goals is important for a few reasons, which we'll explore next.

Audits Create & Increase Revenue

Aside from providing critical information to build your services around, social media audits can help you increase and create new revenue streams for your agency.

For your existing customers, conducting regular audits helps you show progress over time. This builds trust and loyalty, increasing retention and overall lifetime value of your customers.

Additionally, conducting periodic audits helps you identify upsell opportunities or services as your clients grow with you.

For new or prospective customers, you can offer a free social media audit as a lead generation tool. This method lets you vet clients beforehand while also helping you build customized service packages and seek upsell opportunities when crafting your pitch.

How Cloud Campaign Helps With Social Media Audits

For agencies already managing customers, you can use Cloud Campaign's robust analytics and reporting features to easily find data about your accounts. Here's how!

Cloud Campaign can help you quickly find your client's top posts, hashtags, and categories for reporting and strategic goal-setting. Then, using our audit template, you can identify relevant categories and drip campaigns to create and maximize the effectiveness of your automated posting. Check out our posts on How to Organize Your Content Using Category Tags and How to Automate Your Social Media Posting Using Category Tags for more info.

Additionally, our built-in reporting tool lets you generate interactive and responsive reports to review performance with your team or clients. Check out our post on How To Use Category Tags For Performance Reports to learn more.

How To Create An Audit Action Plan

You’ve done your audit, now what? Having a sound plan of action is crucial for making progress. Here are some tips to get started.

First, summarize your client’s current social strategy so they understand their current state. This gives you an opportunity to present any lapses, patterns, and opportunities that can be capitalized on as a result of your audit.

Next, describe in high-level detail how you plan to take your customer's (or prospective customer's) accounts to the next level by setting specific goals and the roadmap to get there. What specific actions will you take to achieve these results?

Don't forget to set realistic time frames and set expectations and scheduled follow-ups with your customers.

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