Driving Growth And Efficiency In Real Estate Social Media Management

Discover how this agency specializing in serving real estate agents, loan officers, and title agents broke through bottlenecks and scaled and automated their SMM services.

Client: Plug And Play SM
Industry: Residential Mortgage Loan Officers, Title Agents, and Realtors


If you were looking to buy or sell a home within the past three years, you’re acutely aware of how fast and large the real estate market is. 

With an estimated value of $3.88 trillion in 2022, the real estate industry represents a lucrative opportunity for savvy marketers and agencies to specialize in servicing this industry because the content, strategy, and processes can be efficiently applied to multiple similar businesses simultaneously. 

Plug And Play SM leaned into this approach by focusing on serving residential real estate mortgage loan officers, title agents, and realtors with social media content and strategy to help their clients grow.

However, managing and scaling social media services for multiple clients across Google My Business, TikTok, and Instagram Reels proved challenging because their previous social media management software didn’t integrate the platforms their clients needed.

And in the fast-paced world of real estate social media management, keeping up with the volume, localization, and content needs of realtors, loan officers, and title brokers can be tough.

Because of this, getting customers and team members on the same page on training, content creation, scheduling, and strategy took time, making it difficult for Plug And Play SM to scale its efforts. 

Enter Cloud Campaign - which helped the agency automate and scale key areas of its real estate social media management workflow, allowing it to serve more clients and increase its revenue.

Plug And Play SM found that Cloud Campaign offered everything they needed at a fraction of the cost of competitors.

The Solution

As Plug And Play SM researched and evaluated platforms to scale their operations, they determined that Cloud Campaign's all-in-one social media management platform provided them with the tools and features they needed to overcome their challenges while also allowing them to expand into horizontal markets.

There are a few key features that Plug And Play SM leverages most to scale and automate real estate social media management, which we’ll explore next.

Platform Integrations

Effective social media management for real estate agents, title brokers, and loan officers has some unique platform requirements. Because these services are typically localized, Google My Business is a powerful platform that significantly impacts visibility and search. 

Monitoring, responding to comments, and posting to GMB, and other platforms, from one location saved users time from switching between apps and improved overall responsiveness.

Real estate agents also love making video content of listings, success stories, house-buying tips, and industry updates but struggle to maintain the consistency required to flourish on social media. 

Cloud Campaign’s ability to automate video post scheduling for Instagram Stories and TikTok gives these agents a competitive advantage regarding social media presence.

These platform integrations saved the agency’s team countless hours of manual posting each week. According to Plug And Play SM’s Client Success Manager, Anne Torres, “You just can’t do that easily after fifteen clients.”

Centralized Management System & Client Onboarding
Plug And Play SM’s goal was to keep as many of the tasks centralized as possible and optimize for time and efficiency. 

Cloud Campaign’s siloed workspaces, bulk operations, and automation features gave them an edge over other agencies by allowing them to manage the entire content lifecycle in one location. 

This freed up the agency to provide top-notch support while keeping prices competitive. Additionally, customers are onboarded and trained on how to set up and use the platform and have access to responsive support through Plug And Play SM.

And by focusing on their customer’s needs, the agency keeps them happy, improving client retention.

Content Creation, Automation & Recycling

Another key feature that enabled Plug And Play SM to differentiate itself in the marketplace is the robust content creation and content recycling capabilities Cloud Campaign provides.

By teaching customers how to use the Recommendations tool to create content from scratch, Plug And Play SM empowered clients to create content for themselves, shaving hours off account managers’ work weeks.

Their customers love using Cloud Campaign’s Categories and drag-and-drop calendar to automate post scheduling and Plug And Play SM leverages CaptionAI to quickly iterate relevant platform-specific content at scale.

After creating content, the agency uses Cloud Campaign’s Bulk Operations to effortlessly copy content to other workspaces for their client’s campaigns. 

And because Plug And Play SM breaks its content out by region, it can deliver fresh content even though it recycles and repurposes content across different real estate companies or lenders.


Cloud Campaign helped Plug And Play SM to overcome its social media management challenges, improve operational efficiency, and drive business growth in the real estate industry through its powerful automation features, scalability, and agency-friendly plans.

This allowed the agency to handle more clients and offer new services, increasing revenue and business growth. 

“We can now handle more clients and offer new services, which has ultimately led to increased revenue,” said Anne.

The platform's comprehensive features, ease of use, and excellent customer support made it the perfect solution for their needs, and we are thrilled to be part of Plug And Play SM’s journey!

Ready to transform your social media management like Plug And Play SM? We can help! Give us a try for two weeks free, and book some time with our team to learn how to get the most from Cloud Campaign.

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