What is a Brand Workspace in Cloud Campaign, and what are its benefits?

In this post, we'll explore what a brand workspace is in Cloud Campaign and its benefits to social media management.

If you’re a social media marketing manager or digital marketing agency managing more than a few clients, you know how important it is to keep your client’s content, account information, and team members siloed and organized.

That’s because it’s all too easy for a post to accidentally go out to the wrong client’s social account or have things fall through the cracks - not a good look for any agency!

In this post, we’ll dive into our Brand Workspaces feature in Cloud Campaign to show you how these compartmentalized containers can transform your client and content management. Let’s dive in!

Looking for tips on managing your social media content library? Check out our post on Category tags to spark joy with your content!

What is a Brand Workspace in Cloud Campaign?

A Brand Workspace in Cloud Campaign is a siloed dashboard containing your client’s connected social media accounts, content, approvals, analytics, paid advertising accounts, Account Managers, and Team Members (Brand Managers and Clients). 

Each workspace is a self-contained little ecosystem, making managing many clients easier at scale. 

A workspace also functions as a dashboard for your clients, allowing them to log into their assigned brand workspace to manage and view content and reports - even schedule their own posts!

Instead of displaying all your client's information and accounts simultaneously, which is overwhelming, you can quickly toggle between workspaces using the workspace dropdown. 

This makes it easy to switch between workspaces without distractions or long load times.

Now, let’s get into how to use Brand Workspaces to organize the social media accounts you manage.

How to create Brand Workspaces in Cloud Campaign

When you log into Cloud Campaign for the first time, your workspace(s) will be blank. Thankfully, adding workspaces is easy, and there are several ways to do it. 

To add a workspace, click the workspace dropdown from the top of the left navigation bar and click Add Workspace at the bottom.

Next, add the brand’s name and time zone and click Add Brand to create the workspace. 

You can also create, edit, and delete Brand Workspaces by clicking Manage Brands in the Brand Navigation dropdown or by clicking Account Settings under your name in the top right, then clicking the Brands tab.

How much do Brand Workspaces cost?

When adding Brand Workspaces, it’s important to remember that you might have a capped number of workspaces you can add based on your pricing plan

However, you can always add workspaces to your plan if you’ve exceeded the amount. Here’s a refresher!

Freelancer plans include one Brand Workspace, with additional workspaces available at $41 per month.

Studio and Enterprise plans have five workspaces included, with additional workspaces available for $25 and $32.50 per month, respectively. You can add and cancel these additional workspaces as you need them through the platform.

We designed our Workspace pricing to be friendly to growing agencies. Check out this comparisons page to see how much you can save on your monthly or yearly bill!

How to use Brand Workspaces to manage clients in Cloud Campaign

Brand Workspaces are the most powerful way to organize your clients, especially for agencies managing franchises or niche markets.

The most common Brand Workspace setup is the one-for-one relationship. This means every business you manage, even your own, gets its own workspace.

Depending on your plan, you can add 7 social media accounts per client on the Freelancer plan or unlimited social accounts per client on our Studio and Agency plans.

Within each workspace, you can add unlimited users with assignable user permissions. Check out our support article on user permissions for more information.

Brand Workspaces are also great for managing franchise businesses, like restaurants, department stores, and even dental offices! Check out our 2023 State of the Agency Report to learn more about verticalized and franchising strategies. 

For example, you can create a Brand Workspace for each franchise location you manage if you're managing franchises.

This lets you create generalized content you can apply to all these accounts while making minor localized adjustments. 

Plus, it also allows you to manage, respond, and report on each franchise individually, making it faster and easier to make client-specific campaign decisions.

Account Workspaces aka Multi-Org Workspaces

Occasionally, one of our large agency partners lands a client that wants their own white-labeled Cloud Campaign account instead of using the agency’s offering. 

This is more common with larger companies that want more control or privacy for their social media management. 

No big deal! You can still own that business deal by setting up a white-labeled Cloud Campaign account for them and adding yourself or your team as new account users. 

Then, you would add the client’s workspace(s) and social media accounts, as needed.

This will allow you to switch between Account Workspaces, each of which contains its own subset of siloed workspaces that you’ve created. 

Any additional Account Workspaces you’ve linked will be displayed to the left of your main navigation bar. 

Simply click an Account Workspace to switch between them, then use the Workspace Selection dropdown to switch between workspaces. Tidy!

Using Bulk Operations with Brand Workspaces

While siloed content and organization are great for managing social media accounts and clients, sometimes you do need things to spill over to other workspaces. We’ve got you covered with Bulk Operations!

Bulk Operations allows you to bulk upload content from your computer, a CSV spreadsheet, or an existing social media account to a specific workspace. But wait, there’s more!

You can also use Bulk Operations to add or shuffle captions for one or more pieces of content, re-categorize content, add or override default posting accounts, copy content to other workspaces, or delete content en masse. 

This is perfect for populating content for franchises or businesses you manage with multiple locations but have similar content needs.

Access Bulk Operations from the Content Library by clicking on the gear icon under your Categories and above your content. 

Bulk Operations are the fastest way to manage lots of content at once!


Mastering Brand Workspaces is essential for any agency wanting to manage its social media portfolio efficiently. But, it’s only one part of getting the most out of Cloud Campaign. 

Check out our Cloud Certification program for a customized training program built around you, your team, and your agency, and take your social media management to new levels.

Ready to wrangle your Brand Workspaces? Let’s go!

Log in now to start managing your brands, or hop on a two-week free trial to see how Cloud Campaign can transform your social media management.

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