Cloud Certification vs. “Onboarding” - What’s the difference & how can it help scale your agency?

Explore the difference between Cloud Certification and onboarding and discover how they can help scale your agency. Learn how to effectively onboard and certify your team to streamline your workflow and enhance your client's experience.

As a software company, we cannot stress the importance of onboarding. This is especially true for software you invest in to grow your business.

However, we’ve also found that simply learning the nuts and bolts of a new platform isn’t enough to guarantee success. 

This is why we’ve developed Cloud Certification. Cloud Certification is an onboarding and business success program built around your agency, team, and business goals.

What is Cloud Certification?

Cloud Certification involves customized platform training for you and your agency. It also includes success planning and accountability check-ins to help your agency grow and get the most revenue from Cloud Campaign.

What’s the difference between Onboarding and Cloud Certification?

Onboarding introduces customers to your software and ensures they understand how to use it effectively.

However, onboarding is not the same as Cloud Certification. Cloud Certification is a more holistic process ensuring the users, business goals, and software are aligned and performing their best.

This is done alongside a Success Manager with experience helping thousands of agencies implement best practices and strategies to reach their business goals.

It’s like having a software expert and a business coach rolled into one. With the bonus of being completely free to subscribers who opt into the program.

What is the Cloud Certification Process?

Cloud Certification begins when you sign up, are contacted by a Customer Success Manager directly, or by opting in by clicking here and contacting our team.

Once enrolled, getting certified can take between 60 and 90 days. The first step is completing an Intake Form followed by an onboarding Mutual Plan. This plan helps establish clear business goals and a communication plan between you and your CSM.

The Mutual Plan also establishes clear best practices and health metrics, which include agency growth and business success. During this time, you’ll be working with an agency expert who will set success milestones to help you perfectly fit Cloud Campaign into your business and maximize your results.

What are the benefits of getting Cloud Certified?

After completing the technical onboarding process and milestones, you’ll receive a certificate of completion and badge. You'll also be automatically eligible for our highest referral payment tier. This means you'll receive 25% of your referral subscriptions (based on our payment plans). Click here to learn more about our affiliate program.

This additional revenue can go a long way. In fact, agencies using the DIY SaaS model can offset their entire platform cost through referrals, and our team can help you get there. We can also discover new revenue streams, some that can be completely automated, to expand your agency even further.

Additionally, customers who have completed the Cloud Certification process see immediate growth in revenue through new accounts and longer client retention.

The other major benefit of Cloud Certification is continued support and coaching for your agency, even after you’ve finished certification, at no additional cost.

Who should get Cloud Certified?

If you’re a solopreneur, freelancer, small agency owner, or run a mid-sized agency using Cloud Campaign and want to use it to help your business automate and grow, then you are the perfect candidate for Cloud Certification. 

Anyone using Cloud Campaign on your team should also get Cloud Certified because it ensures a standard of training and consistency across your organization. And because getting certified doesn’t add anything to your bottom line, you can get your team up and running quickly instead of wasting time and money learning and setting up new software.

How to get started with Cloud Certification

Getting started with Cloud Certification is easy. Click here to contact our team or ask your Success Manager directly about starting your certification.

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