Sprout Social Alternatives - Apps Like Sprout Social That Deliver More For Less!

Looking for Sprout Social alternatives for managing your client's social media accounts? This post highlights a powerful Sprout Social alternative to streamline and automate your SMM.

If you're among the many who have been using Sprout Social for social media management services, only to be met with rising prices and a lack of account management support, you’re not alone.

Many of Sprout Social’s customers have felt the squeeze this year as its subscription prices rose earlier this year, causing many to look for Sprout Social alternatives to save on costs. 

If you’re looking for apps like Sprout Social to manage and automate your social media, you’re in the right place.

We built Cloud Campaign from the ground up to help agencies scale, and that includes our pricing plans, which were built specifically for our agency partners.

With Cloud Campaign, you get a comprehensive social media management platform that includes features like AI-powered content creation, automated post scheduling, and built-in approvals - all designed to help you save time and automate time-consuming tasks.

Sprout Social Alternatives to Scale Your Social Media Management

As Sprout Social focuses its efforts on serving large enterprise-level companies, small and mid-sized businesses are being left behind. 

Thankfully, the perfect alternative to Sprout Social exists, and making the switch is incredibly easy.

Cloud Campaign customers on our Agency plan are placed in the capable hands of a US-based Success Manager who supports you every step of the way as you grow your agency.
This means you’ll have a real-life, dedicated US-based human person helping you with everything from onboarding and training to optimizing your strategies and pricing for maximum revenue.

Heck, they’ll even help you migrate your content and automated posting schedules from Sprout Social to Cloud Campaign when you make the switch. We just love seeing our agency customers thrive 🤗

Flexible, Scalable Pricing For Sprout Social Customers

Aside from saving time with our award-winning SMM platform, the other primary benefit of switching to Cloud Campaign from Sprout Social is the savings!

As prices continue to rise, you might be wondering if it’s worth paying for a social media management platform. Totally understandable! 

We designed our pricing plans, from Freelancer to Agency, to give you price breaks as you grow instead of punishing you with increasing fees and add-ons as you bring on more customers.

The other advantage of Cloud Campaign’s pricing plans is they don’t lock you into extended contracts that are difficult to get out of - sound familiar? Pay month-to-month or annually to save even more and cancel any time without hassle.

But the best part? If you’re already locked into a Sprout Social contract and want to switch, we’ll help you out with a special offer to make the transition easier. 

Email us at sales@cloudcampaign.com and let us know that you want to make the switch. In the meantime, hop on a two-week free trial to see how Cloud Campaign can transform your social media management!

Happy posting!

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