What Is White Label Software?

If you've ever wondered what is white label software and how it can fit into your marketing agency, you're in luck! Our post explaining what is white label software will help you understand the benefits to this service, like generating more revenue, and how to get started. Click now to read!

White-label software is a product or service created by one company but can be rebranded and resold by another company as its own. 

In the context of marketing agencies, white-label software can refer to various tools and services, such as social media management platforms like Cloud Campaign, email marketing software, or SEO tools.

What are the benefits of white-label software?

By using white-label software, marketing agencies can offer their clients a more comprehensive range of services without investing in developing their own technology, which can be costly to maintain. 

Savvy agencies also use white-label software to create their DIY SaaS offering, adding a new recurring revenue stream to their business. Click here to learn how to price white-label software.

This can be especially useful for smaller agencies needing more resources to create or maintain their software solutions. 

In fact, My Social Practice went from managing its custom platform to using Cloud Campaign based on its robust social media management features and white-labeling.

White-label software also allows marketing agencies to maintain a consistent brand image across all of their services, as they can customize the software with their own branding and logos. 

This can help build client trust and make the agency appear more professional and established. It also allows you to charge a higher retainer for premium services as you create a seamless experience for your clients.

How to get started with white-label software

White-labeling software is typically a painless process and uses a WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) interface to customize your platform.

With Cloud Campaign, for example, you can customize the color, branding, logo, URL, and reporting cover sheets using our built-in white-label features. 

With white-labeling, you can customize Cloud Campaign with your logo, brand colors, domain, and more.

This transforms Cloud Campaign into your own integrated social media management hub to serve clients and turn your best clients into brand ambassadors through our affiliate program to generate additional income.

White-label software is valuable for marketing agencies looking to expand their service offerings and differentiate themselves from competitors. 

By leveraging the expertise of established software providers, agencies can save time and resources while still providing high-quality services to their clients.

Get Started With White Labeling Today!

Ready to create the white-labeled SMM platform of your dreams? Check out Cloud Campaign (or whatever you want to brand it as) for two weeks FREE, and schedule time with our team to learn how to get the most out of white-labeling.

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