Cloud Campaign Revolutionizes Social Media Management for the Automotive Industry

In this case study post, learn how the 40/40 Group mastered social media management for the automotive industry.

Company Profile

Company Name: 40/40 Group
Industry: Automotive Marketing Services
Interviewee: Veronica Billo, Social Media & Reputation Coordinator

Challenges with Social Media Management in the Automotive Industry

Managing marketing and social media services for auto dealers and co-ops nationwide can be just as intensely nail-biting as any scene from The Fast & The Furious series.

Before turbocharging its workflow with Cloud Campaign, the 40/40 Group experienced several challenges that slowed down its social media management and prevented the team from rapidly expanding its client base of auto shops and dealerships.

Specifically, Veronica Billo highlighted two primary challenges the group faced: efficient content creation and scalability.

Time-consuming Content Creation

The 40/40 Group spent a significant amount of time creating engaging social media captions and tailoring them to specific platforms. 

This challenge prevented the agency from efficiently managing more auto shops and dealerships, limiting profitability.

Scalability and Flexibility 

The group also needed a solution that would allow them to easily manage multiple dealership accounts without being limited by costly user account restrictions.

Additionally, the agency was looking for a powerful tool that could streamline and automate time-consuming tasks such as copying content to the workspaces of other dealerships, getting content approvals, and generating reports in a timely manner.


Veronica outlined the company’s initial goals for utilizing social media, which included:

- Creating and customizing content across various social platforms
- Growing their clients' social media following
- Easy to use and implement

The platform's features directly addressed their challenges. After adopting Cloud Campaign, 40/40 Group significantly improved its social media management process. Here’s how.

Efficient Content Creation

Cloud Campaign streamlined the process of creating platform-specific captions, saving time and effort.

Cloud Campaign’s intuitive workflows, built-in AI social media caption generation, and integrated platform-specific captioning were the tools the 40/40 Group needed to speed up content creation.

These tools, along with category-based posting automation, allowed the team to save up to three hours every day creating and scheduling platform-specific content across multiple brands and platforms.

Scalability and Flexibility

The platform's flexibility allowed 40/40 Group to add or remove dealerships seamlessly, without being restricted by the number of accounts they could manage.

By switching to Cloud Campaign, the 40/40 Group was able to add and set permissions for unlimited users in just a couple of clicks. This saved the agency time from managing user permissions while freeing up financial resources from limits on how many users the agency could add.

Cloud Campaign was also able to save the agency time through automated post-scheduling, one-click bulk operations, and integrated approval and reporting tools.

Additionally, Cloud Campaign’s agency-friendly pricing plans gave the agency the flexibility and resources to improve its ROI trajectory, enabling it to scale its social media services and revenue.

Business Impact

The integration of Cloud Campaign had a notable impact on 40/40 Group's business operations and bottom line. Here are a few of the most notable results.

Increased Efficiency

The streamlined workflow enabled by Cloud Campaign allowed 40/40 Group to create content and manage dealership's users with greater efficiency, allowing the team to take on more work without adding additional resources.


The ability to add and remove dealership users without limitations contributed to their ability to scale their business.

In addition, Cloud Campaign’s siloed workspaces, bulk operations, and powerful automation gave the 40/40 Group the tools it needed to break through bottlenecks and expand its business managing a number of auto shops and dealerships social media accounts.

Improved Customer Satisfaction

The user-friendly nature of the platform, coupled with responsive support from the Cloud Campaign team, has helped with the 40/40 Group’s overall customer satisfaction and retention as the agency looks to court larger and more established auto dealerships, co-ops, and auto groups.

Veronica's Recommendations

“We highly recommend Cloud Campaign. This program makes for an easy workflow day in and day out. It is very user-friendly, and the support team is always ready to help if you run into any issues.”

Veronica wholeheartedly recommends Cloud Campaign to other businesses, emphasizing its ease of use, efficiency, and responsive support team. 

She highlights the platform's ability to facilitate seamless workflows, making day-to-day operations more manageable.


Cloud Campaign's integration has transformed 40/40 Group's social media management processes, enabling them to efficiently create platform-specific content, scale their business, and enhance customer satisfaction. 

With its user-friendly interface and responsive support, Cloud Campaign has become an invaluable asset in their operations, setting them up for continued success in the automotive marketing industry.

Ready to transform your social media management like The 40/40 Group? We can help! Give us a try for two weeks free, and book some time with our team to learn how to get the most from Cloud Campaign.

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