Comparing Hootsuite and Cloud Campaign


Cloud Campaign is a powerful Hootsuite alternative that is great for marketing agencies that want robust scheduling and a simplified workflow. Cloud Campaign was built for marketing agencies looking to significantly simplify their workload while amplifying results.

Hootsuite is one of the original social media management platforms and is trusted by millions of users. Hootsuite offers many unique features like monitoring 'streams' and social contest templates. It also has a whole division dedicated to social media education.

Complete feature comparison

Cloud Campaign


Starts At
Monthly Cost
$1,531 for 5 brands
$199 for 5 brands
Free Trial
30 days
14 days
Limited Free Plan

Scheduling Content

Platforms Supported
Weekly Schedules
Drip Schedules
Content Recycling
Content Library

Dynamic Posting

Weather Triggers
Trend Triggers


Live Feed
Deep Historical Analysis
Post Type Analysis
Export as CSV

Content Generation

Recommendation Engine
Auto-Import via RSS
Browser Extension
Media Types
Image | Gif | Video
Image | Gif | Video

Agency Features

Manage Multiple Brands
Client Approvals
Multiple Users