Sourcing E-Commerce Clients in 2020: CoVID Edition

With retail struggling in light of CoVID-19, one might think that e-commerce is currently king – and while there’s some truth to that, it is not entirely accurate. CoVID-19 has brought with it a devastating hit to our economy, and inevitably, consumers are more concerned about the future and are spending less on “nice-to-haves” – those items we don’t typically need, but want.

As a marketing agency, it’s imperative that the businesses you support do well, so it’s worth taking a look at the current demand for their product offerings. When spending time and money acquiring new customers, it’s a good idea to look at macro trends since the stability of an industry could have a drastic secondary impact on your agency later. We thought we’d do some of the heavy lifting and outline some industries where you may find surprising new business right now – industries that are thriving despite the global pandemic.

Unsurprisingly, products directly related to health and safety are doing extremely well; with Disposable Glove and Cough & Cold producers seeing a demand increase of 670%. Though others - some you may not have considered - are also doing very well. From Bread Machines to Weight Training, to Dog Food, there are other niches that seem to be doing better than expected in light of CoVID-19.

In this list below, we’ve highlighted specific categories that have seen above-normal demand in the last few months. We’d love to see what you think, and if any of these industries surprise you, too!

While there certainly seems to be a theme amongst these industires, (whether it's health and safety, survival, or fitness), the order isn't exactly what we'd expect. A 652% increase in Bread Machines compared with just a 182% increase in Health Monitors, for example, seems surprising at first glance. Then again, 2020 has been full of surprises thus far!

What are your thoughts? Is this data helpful in tracking down new potential e-commerce clients? We'd love to hear! Reach our to us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn to let us know!

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