Social Media Reporting For Agencies

Learn how to streamline your social media reporting for agencies with Cloud Campaign's comprehensive guide. Improve your analytics and impress your clients with our tips and tricks. Read now!

Whether you’re a small digital marketing agency just starting out, or have been at this work for many years – social media reporting is likely a cornerstone of your work. Not only does an excellent reporting system give you the ability to show your clients the return on investment that you have provided them, but will let you refine your social media techniques and strategies to ensure that they are working as well as possible.

With so many social media platforms out there, and too many 3rd party reporting tools to count, what are the best ways to report on social media metrics? First, let’s take a look at what you’ll want in a report, and then we’ll see which tools you can leverage to get you what you need!

Key components of Social Media Reporting include:

A simple, easy to read interface: This interface could specify week over week, or month over month growth in platform-specific metrics.

  • Key metrics might include:
  • # of Likes
  • Follower growth
  • # of Comments
  • Engagement Rate over time
  • Reach
  • Highest performing posts

Analysis: An important component of your reporting, analysis will take the metrics above and tell you/ your client what these metrics mean for the business. Did a new campaign result in a large increase in engagement? Or have the times you’ve been posting changed, resulting in a large drop-off in likes?

Actionable Insights: The meat of the report might be the metrics, but what will set your reporting apart will be your ability to garner actionable insights from the data. What are some next steps that the business can take to harness what is going well, and scrap what isn’t? Should you increase spending on a promotional campaign, for example? Or, have you been posting too much or too little, and need to make changes to your scheduling?

Including these three key components in your reporting will ensure that you’re keeping on top of the most important metrics, but most importantly, that you’re providing solutions for your client’s business or your agency. Without the actionable insights, it is all too easy to watch a line graph of likes and followers level out over time, and as a scaling agency you’ll want to do everything that you can to keep your metrics rising on an upwards trajectory.

So, this all seems like a ton of work, right? Well, not exactly. With the plethora of tools at your disposal today, much of this social media reporting can be automated for a reasonable price.

The easiest component to automate is getting all the key metrics into one easy to read dashboard. Tools that can help you with this include:

  • has some excellent reporting features when it comes to large data sets, though it comes at a pretty high price! Their plans are upwards of $1000+ per month, though they do offer a free proof of concept in order to try before you buy!
  • Buffer offers a more budget-friendly solution, though is missing a few bells and whistles when it comes to analysis and insights. If you’re looking for a clear dashboard to visualize many of the metrics listed above, this tool may be a great option – just be prepared to do some analysis on your own.
  • Loomly is another fantastic affordable option at just $34/ month – though again, this tool is missing some key components when it comes to analysis. Their visuals are easy to read, and the metrics can be easily examined for your own analysis, so that’s a big bonus!
  • Cloud Campaign! Of course, over here at Cloud Campaign we offer a top of the line social media reporting tool, too, and if we may say so ourselves, we think our custom reports are pretty great! They are very comprehensive, and can be white labeled automatically to be shared with your clients – a great way for your team to save time!

Check out the Cloud Campaign platform for a free trial today – and let our friendly team of Campaigners help you out with any questions.  

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