Social Media Growth Strategies for 2024

After analyzing the top trends of 2023, we’ve identified areas of interest for social media managers to tap into during 2024. There are exciting opportunities for social media managers to innovate and grow.

As we leap into 2024, or roll, depending on how many little treats we all ate during the holidays, the ever-evolving social media landscape presents exciting opportunities for social media managers to innovate and grow in the new year. After analyzing the top trends of 2023, we’ve identified areas of interest for social media managers to tap into during 2024. 

We’ve got the info to help you hit the ground running with the strategies you need to come out on top this year.

Our Identified Rising Trends for 2024

Cinematic Storytelling: Lights, Camera, Engagement

It's time to bring out the filmmaker in you. 

One of the trends we expect to continue to rise in 2024 is documentary-style content. 

This trend encompasses the unique style of Wes Anderson’s distinctive storytelling techniques and charm. There’s a reason this went viral this year! 

Social media managers should explore ways to incorporate cinematic elements into their content creation process.

Practical tip: Experiment with static shots, gradual zoom-ins, and engaging point-of-view content. This content can transport your audience to your client's location, providing a vivid preview of the energy and experience they can expect to be met with there.

Is There Going to be a Resurgence of Refined Social Content?

In 2024, you may have to put in some extra effort to captivate your audience, at least on occasion. 

Audiences are tired of seeing the same content day in and day out. How many people have you watched in 2023 film from the driver seat of their car or while pouring coffee? Yes, I know, its authentic content but it’s getting repetitive! 

The excitement and explosion of copycat content that surrounds a unique way of filming is a clear sign that content with a little bit more creativity goes a long way! 

Let me show you some examples! 

Remember this super easy to film, but totally captivating video trend?

Or this viral trend of making your camera seem like it's floating! Like seriously we all were in awe until we saw the how to videos.

@genflow_ Save this to use later 📲 This hands-free camera trend is taking over Instagram and Tiktok 📈 Keeping watching to find out exactly how to do it. Follow for more TikTok trend alerts ⚠️ Trend started by @Yasmin Hero #genflow #trending #instagramtrending #viralvideos #instagramviral #whattopostoninstagram #instagrampostideas #contentideas #fashioncreator #fashioncontent #viralcontent #instagramtrend #tiktoktrends #tiktoktrending #videoideas ♬ All Eyes On Me - Instrumental - Dj Belite

Another honorable mention from the year are bird's eye view ceiling shots that helped this trend take off… 

But this shot was so engaging that it stuck around even after the audio that made it pop off stopped trending.

Practical tip: Elevate your visual game by incorporating unconventional shots and movements into your videos. The results may just be worth the extra effort.

Building Communities: From 'Me' to 'We'

Sophie Miller shared a game changing mindset shift that holds the key to building a loyal community – switch your content from 'me' to 'we.' 

Your audience wants to feel included in your journey. 

When crafting content, adopt a perspective that goes beyond your own narrative and positions your audience at the forefront. 

Try adjusting the I’s to you’s and the me’s to we’s. 


How I grew my page to 40,000 followers → How this community grew to 40,000 followers

This example changes an I statement into a shared experience. 

You’re also going to want to encourage engagement and connection among your community. 

Make sure to leave space for them to add to the discussion, whether that’s by asking a question in the comment, doing a poll in your story, or something else.

Direct messages are another way to really bring members into your community and make them feel a part of your process.

Make sure to take time to respond to DMs and when time allows, message others!

Practical tip: Platforms like ManyChat with comment automation can make community building seamless.

Stay Consistent with your Consistency 

Okay, you may have heard of this strategy before, but there’s a reason why it’ll be extra important in 2024. 

You know how many times it takes someone seeing an ad before they actually consider buying the product, 7 times!

That’s with a paid social marketer directly targeting someone like you to see those ads and it still takes multiple times seeing something before its message really sinks in. 

With organic we’re just throwing posts out and hoping the right folks see them! 

Well, that’s not entirely true, we’ve built a community of like minded people who hopefully enjoy and relate to our content.

BUT we aren’t controlling who in our community or outside of it is actually going to see our posts pop up in their feed.

You have to post about something multiple times for the message to hopefully show up to the right people the right amount of times for it to really sink in. 

Being consistent in your social posting will allow you to put your message(s) out there enough times to penetrate people’s awareness.

Did you know posting consistently on social media can lead to a 23% increase in engagement?

Well now you do! You also know why it’s essential, so now I'm going to share with you how.

Unless you’re a superhuman who never sleeps and has 7 arms, you’re going to need some help managing all your client's content calendars and scheduling your consistent posts.

Cloud Campaign is a social media management platform that can help you achieve aesthetically pleasing grids, never miss a post, and collect and analyze data for you.

If it sounds like something you’re interested in (and if you’re an agency owner, you’ll definitely be interested in the bulk operations) then you can head over to our website to see for yourself! 


Feeling ready for a new year? 

You’ve got the scoop on the latest rising trends and how to strategically use that information to create the best plan for your business in the new year.

And don’t forget to download our Social Media Trend Report for 2024 for an even more in-depth look at some of these strategies and more!

Wishing you viral videos!

-Your friendly neighborhood social media manager 

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