Master Holiday Posting on Social Media 

We’ll be exploring the ins and outs of posting holiday and observational content, delving into the benefits, potential pitfalls, and practical steps to make this holiday season one of cheer and social media success. 

The holidays are here, and as a social media marketer, you're likely contemplating the best strategy to engage your audience during this festive time. We’ll be exploring the ins and outs of posting holiday and observational content, delving into the benefits, potential pitfalls, and practical steps to make this holiday season one of cheer and social media success. 

Should You Be Posting Holiday and Observational Content?

When planning your business’s social media strategy, take a moment to consider if holiday posting aligns with your brand and its goals. 

Will holiday content resonate with your audience, if so, which holidays? Does your team possess the resources to produce captivating and original material? Will incorporating such posts enhance your social media strategy?

Ask these questions to help assess the relevance of holiday posts to your overall marketing strategy before dedicating time to this kind of content.

If you still aren’t sure, head over to our other article to see if holiday posting is worth it for your brand.

Benefits of Holiday & Observational Posting:

Alright! I’m assuming if you’re still reading then you’ve decided holiday posting is something your brand wants to incorporate into their social media strategy this year. Woohoo!

Let’s look at some benefits and some potential pitfalls that holiday posting can bring to your business.

Showcasing Company Values:

The holidays provide a unique opportunity to align your brand with causes that showcase your company values. Whether it's supporting a charitable cause or celebrating diversity, expressing your company's values fosters a connection with your audience who share similar beliefs.

Creative Campaign Opportunities:

Think outside the box! Holidays provide an excellent canvas for creative and fun campaigns. Imagine a donut shop celebrating National Donut Day (June 7th) with a visually enticing campaign that not only promotes their products but also engages followers in a playful manner.

Revealing the Human Side:

Holidays and observational days give brands an opportunity to show the human side of the business. Share personal stories or experiences related to a special day, such as World Alzheimer's Day (September 21st) or International People with Disabilities Day (December 3rd). This not only adds depth to your brand but also demonstrates genuine care for issues beyond the business realm.

Pitfalls of Holiday & Observational Posting:

Performative Vulnerability:

Something that has become increasingly valuable online is authenticity. When a person or brand tries too hard to come off authentic or vulnerable, the opposite effect will occur. Ever heard of the Crying CEO?

While sharing personal stories is encouraged, avoid the trap of performative vulnerability. You never should exploit sensitive issues for engagement.

Selective Posting:

Posting for every holiday isn’t possible nor would it make sense for a brand to do. You have to be selective in which holidays your brand wants to post about. This can get a bit tricky, so make sure to pick holidays that align with your brand, audience, and team. 

Be considerate and don’t be afraid to ask for a 3rd party to review your post or selection of holidays before sending anything out.

2024 Social Media Holiday Calendar

Not sure where to find holidays that make sense for your business? Need some holiday content inspiration? Maybe you want some premade holiday post templates or AI prompts? Well boy, do I have the resource for you!

Okay I’m sounding a bit too salesy here, but check out our 2024 Social Media Calendar for all those things listed above and more. I promise you won’t be disappointed in this resource!  

Steps to Master Holiday Posting 

Alright, so you know you want to post about holidays/observational days, you’ve downloaded the social media calendar and decided which days you want to post about, what now?

It’s time to get on the crafting and creating grind.

Follow the steps below to create the most impactful and engaging holiday posts!

  1. Do Some Research - I know, you want to get to creating, but by researching past content for a holiday, you’ll be able to see what has and hasn’t worked in the past. You’ll also get an idea of what content people typically create around this holiday and what hashtags and other topics may be connected to it.

    It’s also important to do some digging to fully understand the holiday, what it means to people, and if there is any controversy surrounding it. Certain social media holidays naturally align with social or political issues, and if you're going to share a post about them you need to be prepared to defend your stance in the event of receiving backlash from those who hold opposing views

  1. Add to the Conversation - During your research you saw tons of past content about the specific holiday you want to post about. You now have an idea of what people have done in the past and what conversations have surrounded this particular holiday. Now it’s your turn to figure out how you want to add to the conversation. What new insight, design, or idea are you going to bring to it? 

Use this as inspiration and motivation to create an amazing and new piece of content for this particular holiday. 

  1. Unleash your Creativity - We’re finally to the fun part, creating! After the research and strategizing, you’re able to let all the ideas you’ve been compiling come out to see what makes the most sense for your brand and the holiday. 

Make sure to have FUN during this step. Often when we’re enjoying the content we’re creating our audience will feel that and also have fun while consuming the content.

For example: I recently made a post about Buddy the Elf for the holiday season and had so much fun in the process. It was evident our audience loved the lightheartedness of the post because they were sharing it with their own audiences, some shared every single slide of the carousel! Such a win in my book. 

  1. Aim to Connect - What is the purpose of posting about a holiday/observational day other than to connect with your audience? 

Whether that’s making them smile over a nostalgic moment, sharing concern over a certain ailment, or spreading the love about a certain sweet treat (looking at you again National Donut Day), take the time to consider adding a more human element to your post.

Small business tip: Have the owner share a personal story, memory, or connection to the holiday to serve up some extra sweet human connection that will bond your audience to your owner and business. 

Incorporating these tips into your holiday posting strategy will not only leave you with a well thought out post, but will also create a genuine and engaging experience for your audience. Remember, holidays are not just about promotions; they're an opportunity to connect, resonate, and leave a lasting impression. 

Good luck and happy holidays (cause everyday is some kind of holiday)! 

Oh and if you want some help scheduling or analyzing those posts, I may know a tool that can help you out. It’s called Cloud Campaign!

You’ll definitely want to give our site a look over and see how you can shave hours off your current weekly workflows. 

Until next time! 

-Your friendly neighborhood social media manager 

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