All About Reddit Marketing:

Reddit can be a goldmine for marketers. Get insider tips and tricks for leveraging this popular platform to reach your target audience and grow your brand.

Reddit Marketing:

It’s pretty hard to ignore the elephant in the room this week - you know, the fact that users of Reddit have beat out Hedge Funds of Wall Street by driving up the price of GameStop stock, and now seemingly Dogecoin too…

And all this got me thinking… what else is there about Reddit that I didn’t know before? Personally, I’d never frequented the site much, and couldn’t tell you much about it besides that fact that it’s a sort-of online discussion portal.

Clearly, I underestimate the power of Reddit, as I’m sure many others did too! Is there something about Reddit that we might be able to leverage in the land of Marketing?

First Off, What Even Is Reddit?

Reddit is a content sharing platform, where users can join communities, (for example, Harry Potter Fans), and post to forums called “subreddits” to connect with users who have similar interests.

Reddit users create posts which other users can then reply to with comments, and “upvote” or “downvote” to indicate whether or not they enjoyed the post, and if said post should be more or less visible to other redditors.

Similar to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram’s “like” feature, receiving more upvotes will make a post rank higher and reach a larger audience.

Who Uses Reddit?

Oberlo states that there are currently 430+ million active monthly users of Reddit, with the most popular age range being 25-29. Currently, Reddit has more than 130,000 active “communities”, and over 2 million “subreddit” threads!

Users of Reddit can access the platform from desktop or mobile, though it’s thought that around 70% of traffic comes from smart phone devices.

Tips & Tricks for Using Reddit:

Clearly, there’s a ton of active traffic on Reddit - and better yet - individuals are already grouping themselves based on their interests in communities and subreddits. So, seeking out your target audience can actually be fairly easy! 

According to Foundation Inc. there are some tips and tricks for creating Reddit posts that will perform better, and reach a larger audience. 

  1. Titles and headlines should have between 40-80 characters; this appears to be a sweet spot for posts that perform well.
  2. Posts that pose questions see over twice as many comments than posts that don’t. Throw in a question or two to ramp up that engagement.
  3. External links drive the most Reddit traffic, so be sure to link to your website!
  4. Video posts perform best of all, which is unsurprising since that seems universal across most social media platforms.

Personally, I’m still pretty new to Reddit, so I’d be very curious to hear if you use it personally, or as part of your marketing efforts! One thing is very clear to me, though - at least this week, Reddit is the place to be…