March Social Media Holidays 2024

We’ll make getting that engagement a bit easier on you this month by providing some awesome days to post about and a free Canva template to get you started!

Who’s ready to eat some pie on Pi Day…wait, it’s not that kind of pie?

While you may be counting forever on 3.14, you can at least hope for some gold at the end of the rainbow this month. And by gold we mean lots of likes and engagement, what else could a social media marketer want?

We’ll make getting that engagement a bit easier on you this month by providing some awesome days to post about and a free Canva template to get you started!

March social media holidays:

  • March 1st - Global Day of Unplugging
  • March 3rd - Simplify Your Life Day 
  • March 5th - National Sportsmanship Day
  • March 7th - National Be Heard Day
  • March 8th - International Women’s Day
  • March 14th - Pi day
  • March 15th -  World Speech Day
  • March 17th - St. Patrick’s Day
  • March 18th - World Sleep Day
  • March 20th - Macaron Day
  • March 21st  - World Down Syndrome Day
  • March 23rd  - World Math Day

You’re not going to want to miss our FREE Canva template of the month! Click this link to access a fully customizable Canva template for Global Day of Unplugging.

Looking for more inspiration? 

Check out this simple, yet effective post done Simplify Your Life Day post from NewWave Cleaning LLC.

They really embodied the holiday’s message by keeping their post simple.

The caption, the photo, and the hashtag are all simple and to the point. They list how their product can simplify your life and that’s it! No fluff involved. 

If you need a little help coming up with unique and fresh content or copy for your holiday posts, don’t worry!

Cloud Campaign offers a FREE caption generator that can help you come up with tons of holiday copy in a flash! Check that out here.

We also have a whole article on how to use AI in content creation that can help take your content creation game to the next level! 

And if you want even more social media holidays to browse, check out our 2024 social media holidays calendar. With multiple FREE Canva templates, AI caption prompts, and hundreds of holidays!See you next month for a breakdown of April’s holidays!

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