Introducing Instagram Direct Publishing

Save time and streamline your social media workflow with Instagram Direct Publishing. Learn more about this exciting new feature and how to use it to your advantage.

Yep — you're reading that correctly! You can now schedule and directly publish Instagram content (both images and videos) through Cloud Campaign without any additional confirmation or approval. Recently, Facebook introduced their Instagram Content Publishing API, making it easier than ever to post and schedule content for Instagram direct publishing. This will allow agencies and freelancers who manage Instagram profiles to maintain complex schedules and post at any time of day without needing to log into Instagram and manually publish their client's content.

Try it out for yourself here.

Cloud Campaign Scheduling Dashboard & Instagram Profile

Why Marketing Agencies ❤️ Instagram + Cloud Campaign

For quite a while, Instagram kept their content publishing API closed off to most social media marketing tools. With this ability to easily connect with Instagram, Cloud Campaign now offers agencies and freelancers greater flexibility and control over their client's content delivery.  Whether your client's interested in video content, static images, or both, the Cloud Campaign and Instagram integration allows you to schedule and publish any kind of content you want.

Alongside Cloud Campaign's Instagram Grid Preview, you can now preview how a customer's content would look on their Instagram profile before it's published and easily publish it whenever you're ready. No more waiting, no more manual posting.

Instagram profile next to Cloud Campaign's Instagram Grid Preview

Publishing Videos and Images to Instagram

Previous to this release, you would need to log into Instagram and finish publishing the posts you had already scheduled. The ability to schedule content further in advance and simply automate the delivery of Instagram posts will allow marketing agencies and freelancers to spend more time focused on creating quality content for customers.  

Community Insights and Interaction

Contrary to popular belief, social media marketing isn't simply about posting content. Building a tight-knit, interactive community is imperative to finding success on social media. But, keeping up with even one high-traffic social profile takes lots of work. Marketing agencies and freelancers who actively manage their client's social profiles know this more than anybody.

Cloud Campaign was purpose-built to help agencies and freelancers organize all of their clients, their client's social profiles, and all of the community interaction and engagement in one place. With the Instagram integration with Cloud Campaign, you can easily respond to direct messages and comments quickly and easily across all of your clients and their different social media accounts. Not only does this work with Instagram, but we offer improved community engagement across Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.

Cloud Campaign Community Dashboard (Mobile & Desktop)

Schedule a demo if you're interested in improving your client's social media community.

Instagram Analytics

While scheduling, publishing content, and community engagement gets easier for agencies and freelancers, so does reporting and analytics. You can measure engagement and performance via follower count, impressions, likes, shares, clicks, etc. through the Cloud Campaign + Instagram analytics dashboard. With Instagram direct publishing, agencies and freelancers have more time to measure social media KPIs and analytics. On the top plan with Cloud Campaign, you can even get Instagram Ad Analytics too.

Instagram Ad Analytics Dashboard

With Cloud Campaign, you can generate reports for clients and aggregate the performance of all social media profiles in one place. Agencies and freelancers can organize all their clients and their respective content and analytics by simply selecting different options from dropdown menus. No need to log into multiple applications and interfaces in order to measure the health of your social media marketing initiatives.

Instagram Organic Analytics in Cloud Campaign

Why Cloud Campaign ❤️'s Instagram

Because we love our customers, and our customers love Instagram...

We're proud to work with Instagram in order to directly publish content to their platform, giving agencies and freelancers more time to focus on their client's needs while simultaneously giving clients more time to focus on their business. Thank you, Instagram for making content publishing, promotion, and social media marketing easier than ever before.

Get into your free trial to explore Instagram + Cloud Campaign for yourself today!

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