CaptionAI: The Most Powerful Free AI Caption Writer For Social Media

CaptionAI is our free AI caption generator that lets social media managers generate up to 10 social media captions at once. Try it free now!

Are you looking for a free AI caption writer to help you quickly generate social media captions and ads?

We're excited to release CaptionAI as a standalone version of our integrated ChatGPT-powered caption writer that helps you create up to ten social media captions in seconds, saving you hours in content creation.

CaptionAI features the same easy-to-use interface as its integrated cousin. Simply enter your prompt and use the quick select toggles to adjust for platform, tone, and whether to include emojis and hashtags.

You can get creative with Tone by selecting Other and entering something unique, like in the voice of Darth Vader.

Selecting different platforms adjusts the copy for the platform based on character limits and other factors, and creates unique posts for each platform at once.

Once your captions are generated, you can edit, delete, or copy/paste them into your platform of choice.

CaptionAI is an incredibly powerful free AI caption writer that gets even better when paired with our white-labeled SMM platform, Cloud Campaign, where you can automatically schedule your CaptionAI posts with a single click.

Can you imagine your own branded,AI-powered automated social media management platform? We've helped thousands of agencies achieve that - and more! Give us a try for two weeks FREE, and chat with our team about how Cloud Campaign can completely transform how you manage social media.

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