Affiliate Success: Guide to Marketing Assets

In this post, we'll show you how to use Cloud Campaign marketing assets to bolster your affiliate campaign.

If you’re already a part of our affiliate program, you might have seen the downloadable marketing assets you can use to bolster your campaign.

And if you’ve already read our guide to Thriving as a Cloud Campaign Affiliate, you’re probably ready to start sharing and promoting your affiliate link.

In this guide, I’ll walk you through the affiliate assets at your disposal and offer tips on how to use them to strengthen your affiliate campaign.

If you haven’t joined our affiliate program yet, that’s okay! Signing up is fast and doesn’t require payment to join (although a PayPal account is required to receive payouts). Click here to get started!

Affiliate Resources

Access your affiliate resources through your welcome email or download the content packs by clicking the links below.

There are three zipped media folders available for download (clicking the links will start the download): Images, Scripts, and Videos

After downloading, you’ll need to unzip the folders to access the assets.

Next, let’s walk through the assets and how to use them.

Platform & Promotional Images

In this folder, you’ll find assets showing the platform, platform features (with callouts), mockups, pricing and comparison graphics, and G2 awards and recognition graphics. 

These assets were created to help support your affiliate promotion and are best used when framed with relevant copy and context.

Use these assets to support the affiliate campaign you’re building, whether that’s a blog post, social media post, video, or review content. Don’t just share a random graphic and expect folks to click your affiliate link!

One example is to use these colored dashboards to illustrate the visual customization changes users can make with white-labeling by creating a GIF or video to share as a social post with targeted copy.

Feature callout images, like the ones for Approvals and CaptionAI, are best when paired with messages about saving time and automating their approval and content creation workflow.

You can also share our pricing plans and competitive comparison against Hootsuite to convey the monetary value of using Cloud Campaign. 

Please remember that using these images in paid ads or advertising your unique affiliate link is against the terms of the affiliate agreement.

Platform Videos & Features Highlights

The next set of assets consists of feature highlight videos. These are short tours of our main feature sets you can add music, captions, and other assets to help bolster your campaign. 

These assets are a great way to show your audience how the platform works and how it can add value to their workflow.

These assets are great for showing your audience how easy the platform is to use and how it can add value to their social media management workflow.

While you could try snipping these videos up for social media, these assets are best used as part of a landing page, email series, or featured post and accompanied with supporting copy. Here's an example from our own landing page for Customization.

Blog & Video Scripts

The third set of assets are a set of blog post and video scripts you can use to build your affiliate message. 

The scripts are similar and are written in a way to help you learn and clearly communicate the value of Cloud Campaign to a broad audience. It will be up to you to fine tune your message for your network.

You can post them as a feature length video or post, or pull bits and pieces to re-purpose as you see fit. All we ask is that you keep your copy true and accurate with source material. 

Whether you’re putting together a blog post or video, you can insert the images and video snippets to strengthen your content and make it more visually engaging. 

Putting It All Together

We love seeing our affiliates thrive and want to do everything we can to help them in their campaigns. 

We hope these assets help you create effective promotional material to make your affiliate partnership as lucrative as it can be. 

Remember, these assets are just a starting point. Your audience will ultimately want to hear and see what you authentically love about Cloud Campaign in your own voice, so we encourage you to make your own visuals or record your own video snippets reviewing the product or features.

Creating an effective affiliate campaign is about putting your stamp of approval on a product and leveraging the trust and goodwill you’ve built with your audience to get them to try it.

Using high-quality assets, like the ones we’ve provided, build on that trust because it shows your audience what to expect and that you’re invested in the product to some degree.

Good luck in your affiliate campaign. Happy promoting! Don’t forget to share your affiliate link 😉

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