7 Reel Templates for B2B Marketers

Discover how businesses are finding success with Instagram Reels with the 7 ideas in this article written to help B2B marketers use social media to generate awareness and engagement for their brands.

With Instagram announcing its prioritization of video content, the pressure for creators to produce short-form video has increased. And if we’re being reel *pun intended*, creating this kind of content is intimidating!

What if the content isn’t ‘hip enough’ or “What if we misunderstood this trend?” Those doubts cross all our minds as we begin the creation process for a short-form video.

We’re here to help take off some of the pressure by giving you strategic B2B Reels video templates to help you get started in your short-form journey.

Here’s 7 timeless, short-form video templates that’ll help inspire your next video:

  1. Sound and Text – It’s as simple as it sounds! Find an audio you like, apply a simple video behind it, and add on text.

This template is all about getting your point across through text, the video and audio are just the avenues that will attract or entertain your audience.

How to: Strategize what point you want to get across, find an audio, record a simple video, and focus on the text. You want the text to be the main character, but still play nicely with the audio and video aspects.

Example 1 from SunnySocialCollective
Example 2 from Creeativelysocial

  1. Lip Sync – Lip sync to an audio and add captions to relate to your niche

This template is seen all over social media because it allows for creators to have fun, get creative and connect with their target audience. New lip sync-able audios are constantly coming out and trending, stay vigilant to jump on a trend early in your niche.

Commonly used for: humor, relatable content, creative ways to explain/describe products/services, point out/solve pain points

How to: Select your audio and use the in-app creation studio to record yourself mouthing the words, and layer on text afterward


Example 1 from Westportnutritionct

Example 2 from Zenn.with.jenn and Jennifer.karma

Burst – Very quick clips of videos/photos layered together in one short video

This template is used to show a lot in a little bit of time. It helps get across information quickly and gain interest from your audience.

Commonly used for: short vlogs, product features, and new inventory

How to: Set each video/photo to play for around .04 seconds or shorter and attach an upbeat audio

Example 1 from Abbyinthecity
Example 2 from Bosscosgoodiez

  1. Before and After – Pick 2 videos/photos that highlight a change you want to showcase

This template is used to highlight how something has changed over time. This format has a lot of potential in many different niches.

Commonly used for: showing upgrades/improvements, change over time, how you or your service/product can help

How to: Find a before and after audio, use the before photo/video first and transition to the after photo/video in-line with the audio

Here's an audio to explore with several examples!

  1. Music Queues – Find audio with music queues that give you natural points to add content

This template is typically used to highlight on-screen text and is widely used and regarded by the B2B social media community. The video and audio hold and direct the viewer’s attention to the highlighted content.

Commonly used for: making points, giving advice, sharing inspiration, highlighting offers and product/service features

How to highlight text with music queues: First, find audio with noticeable beats, notes, or distinguishable sounds. Then, play the sound as you record and point to different spaces around yourself. Lastly, you’ll layer text near where you pointed in your video.

How to highlight photos/videos with music queues: The first step is still to find audio with noticeable beats, notes, or distinguishable sounds. Then, record an intro video and the transition videos. When the music queues play, have your intro video transition into the heart of the video (what you want to show viewers).


Example 1 from Brock11johnson

Example 2 from Magenta_boutique

  1. Counting – Find audio that has numbers in it and lineup that number of photos/videos to the audio

This template is extremely versatile and can be used to highlight multiple things or one thing in multiple ways.

Commonly used for: Product features, how-to’s, behind the scenes, and highlight reels

How to: Find a counting audio, select the same number of videos/photos and align them with the audio


Example 1 from Phiphuphat

Example 2 from Hayhaycrochet

  1. Inspirational – Use one inspirational video with text and a lofi audio to inspire, encourage, or motivate your audience

This template is simple but impactful. The audio fills the viewer with strong emotions and allows for creators to put their audience in the right mindset for their message.

Commonly used for: Quotes, inspirational clips, motivation, real estate, and chasing wealth/status

How to: Find a lofi audio, apply one or a few simple background videos, add text to the screen if you want to call out an emotion or subject specifically


Example 1 from Magiecook

Example 2 from Buildalpha

While reading about Reels is helpful, it’s not the best way to learn and grow your short-form skills. Opening the app and getting lost in a Reels rabbit hole is!

Spending time on the platform is the best way to immerse yourself in the community you’re trying to create for. We recommend researching similar content that you are interested in making. The more you explore, the more you’ll learn about each platform’s successful types of content and different ways to approach it.

While creating short-form videos may seem intimidating, it’s the next step in the evolution of social media. By following templates, such as the ones we’ve detailed in this blog, you’ll have a guidebook to get your Reel content flowing. And with our Reels auto-publishing now available, you can take full advantage of the video wave.

We wish you the best of luck in your content creating journey!

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