Weekly Agency Spotlight -- Digital Shift Media

Discover how Digital Shift Media is leading the way in the digital marketing space. Read our Weekly Agency Spotlight blog post to learn more about their innovative strategies and impressive results.

This week we are excited to feature Digital Shift Media in our weekly spotlight.

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The Background

Trusted Since 2007, Digital Shift Media has helped countless companies with their SEO, SEM, and local business optimization needs. Based out of Cambridge, Ontario, Digitial Shift Media was founded by their current Chief Marketing Technologist, Matt Miciula (MBA, CPA, CMA, PMP).

As you may be able to tell by the laundry list of titles following his name, Matt brings a breadth of knowledge and extensive experience to the team.Digitial Shift media continues to grow at an exponential rate, and it is our belief that this success can be traced back to their founding ideals of transparency and relationships.

Matt and his team pride themselves on working hand in hand with their customers to ensure a synergistic and successful work relationship. As stated on their website

"We are very focused on forming a long-term relationship, we want to see you grow as we continue to expand".

They never outsource any work, offer free assessments and SEO competitor reports, and most importantly, provide 100% satisfaction guarantees. With so many pernicious companies in this space, Digital Shift's dedication to customers is a major plus in our book!

We had the chance to sit down with Matt who gave some very useful bits of information for those small to medium-sized business' which are looking to expand their social presence.

The Advice

Question: What is the most common goal clients approach Digital Shift Media with?

As we tend to hear, the ultimate goal Matt is approached with is increased sales. However, he went on to explain to us that attributing sales to social media can be tricky. Matt informed us that customers often need multiple touch points with a brand prior to purchasing. Companies must engage with their clientele on a multitude of levels and platforms to generate lasting brand awareness. He explained that it is imperative for a company to be active and dynamic in order to build relationships and evoke the level of engagement necessary to drive home a sale. As he described:

"People need to see that a brand is active"

Matt went on to explain that while social media may be the genesis of a sale, it is very possible that the customer ended up purchasing days later from a direct search. Social media is uniquely adept at keeping brands top of mind and generating a subliminal call to action the next time a customer thinks of their need for a certain product.

Question: What can a small to medium-sized business expect to spend on ads per month to run an effective campaign?Matt did warn that this answer can vary but gave a floor of $1,000 per month to see real tangible results. He also explained that social is only one part of advertising and that again, having multiple touch points is crucial.

Question: How many hours per week can a company expect to spend managing social media, and what are the most time-consuming aspects?In order to stay active and relevant, Matt informed us that at an absolute bare minimum, companies should expect to spend 1 hour per day managing their social presence. He went on to say that for a company, identifying who to target and how to target them is incredibly time-consuming. The upfront work contains perhaps the most important, and the most arduous tasks.

The Conclusion

We would like to thank Matt for taking the time to speak with us. Candidly, I would like to say that he was truly one of the nicest people we have worked with. You can learn more about Digital Shift Media here.

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