The Rise of AI in Marketing

In this post, we explore the rise of AI in marketing and how to leverage this exciting new technology.

The prominence of artificial intelligence in the workplace has people wondering where the line is drawn between work that requires a human touch and work that can be nearly fully automated using computers.

So much so that somone even made a website, Will Robots Take My Job.

But rest assured that technology isn't here to replace marketers, but rather assist them and augment their efforts.  

If we can use computers to better analyze the data around us, to predict trends before they start, marketers will have the opportunity to leverage big data insights to make smarter and more effective marketing decisions.

Additionaly, by using computers to automate repetitive tasks, humans have more time to focus on designing truly engaging creatives that can spark conversations and lead to more meaningful human to human interactions.

I'm excited that Cloud Campaign is able to contribute to this movement of making artificial intelligence more common in the workplace, and I'm excited to soon announce some of the large AI projects we have in the pipeline for the coming months.

Recent features that we've added to simplify your life as a marketer include:

  • Content Discovery (Finding trending articles related to your brand)
  • Caption Generation (Extracting key quotes from articles to be used as captions)
  • Auto Scheduling (Automatically delaying posts added to Drip Schedules for a more natural posting cadence)
  • Auto Importer (Automatically import any blog or RSS Feed into your content library to begin sharing on social media)
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