PPC Strategies From The Experts

Pay-Per-Click Advertising may be the fastest way to attract customers to your agency, and while costly, can be instrumental in garnering a steady flow business. Your PPC success relies heavily on how well you can analyze and adjust your campaigns to ensure that you are getting the most out of every single dollar that you spend.

In this post, let's take a look at what the experts have to say about PPC - and what their best practices are for paid advertising.

#1: Use "Retargeting" Strategically

"Know that people are ten times more likely to read trusted content over ads. You can use this to your advantage, by running a campaign that directs users to a trusted article that is relevant to your brand. Behind the scenes, incorporate a retargeting link that will identify potential customers that click on the ad, which you can then use to display targeted ads that will introduce them to your product... It’s also important to note that people don’t make a purchase after seeing only one ad. They often need between five and ten reminders before they actually go on to make a purchase on Google Adwords." - Serge Salager, Retarget Advertising Expert

#2: Focus On Lifetime Value Of Your Customers

"The main lesson I’ve learned is that it’s all about lifetime value of the customer and who can spend the most to get a customer. You need to know how much each customer generates you over a lifetime, not just one -off purchase. Most businesses think about scaling Facebook campaigns in a very simple way. They think they will simply grow their ad spend and CPA and margins will stay the same. It’s rarely the case. They try to scale, their profits evaporate and they think scaling doesn’t work." Alex Fedotoff, Facebook Ads Expert

#3: Focus On One Goal At A Time

"Do you want traffic, engagement or awareness? For most people it’s traffic and the biggest mistake people make is going for engagement. You can definitely use all three but when you’re just starting, choose keywords to keep it simple." - Kate Ahl, Pinterest Ads Expert

#4: Experiment With Aspect Ratios

This is especially true when sharing videos. Understand that the majority of your audience will be viewing content on mobile devices - so your video content MUST be mobile-friendly. Also, be sure to focus on all social channels. "If you’re not posting on Instagram Stories, you’re missing out on a potential audience of 300+ million daily active users, so start producing vertical content. Instagram Stories Ads are a great way to get your audience’s undivided attention and connect with them. Try mixing both candid footage that plays to the native style of Stories, and more polished content." - Anton Eliasson, Video Marketing Expert

#5: Target Your Bids

First, know that there is a significant difference between "Target and Bid" and "Bid Only" advertising. PPC Expert Brittani Hunsaker breaks these down as:

  • "Target and bid means your ads won’t show to people outside of the audience lists, even if they match your other targeting."
  • "Bid only means your ads will continue to show to people on your audience list and people not on your audience list."

Knowing this, be sure to use the right strategy for your campaigns to optimize your PPC and maximize results.

With these expert tips in mind, we'd love to hear if you have had different experiences - or know anything that we don't! Give us a shout out on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn and be sure to stay tuned for more!