Help shape the future of Cloud Campaign!

Share your feedback and ideas with Cloud Campaign to help shape the future of social media management software.

We’ve made it easier to request feedback and updates to make Cloud Campaign even better for you!

Transparency is part of our DNA - as is building software to help agencies scale. So, we’re probably a little too excited to roll out our new feedback tool that brings your voice to our product roadmap.

What do these changes mean for you? Only a direct channel to our software team for what features you want us to build next! Here’s how to use this new feature.

Head over to our Roadmap page, where you can see our planned and in-progress projects. Don’t see a feature you’re just dying to have? Click the Social Dashboard Feature Requests button to visit the feature requests page where you can:

- Search to see if your desired functionality has already been requested and upvote it 
- Create a new request that others can vote on
- Leave comments on feature requests

Cloud Campaign has grown because of feedback from our rockstar customers - thank you! We couldn’t do it without you and look forward to building more products and features based on your feedback.

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