Cloud Campaign Welcomes Christina Mautz to Advisory Board

Cloud Campaign is proud to welcome Christina Mautz to our advisory board. With extensive experience in marketing and technology, she brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table. Discover how her insights can help your business grow.

Cloud Campaign is proud to announce a new addition to its Advisory Board, comprised of talented experts from complementary industries who lend their expertise to help the company grow strategically and sustainably.

Christina Mautz joins the Advisory Board with over twenty years of marketing leadership experience across large companies, including Amazon, Yahoo, and SaaS startups, bringing a deep understanding of ideal customer profiles, go-to-market strategies, and lead generation. 

Christina also served as the Chief Marketing Officer and Head of Sales for Moz, the leader in search engine optimization (SEO) technology and local listings management, driving over 49% growth in ARR (annual recurring revenue) before it was acquired by J2 Global in 2021. Christina’s guidance will be pivotal in accelerating Cloud Campaign’s growth, allowing the company to increase its ability to rapidly release new updates and features.

When she’s not digging into ICPs and customer journeys, Christina enjoys reading, writing, and spending time with her husband and sons hiking and kayaking in the forests of the Pacific Northwest.

Join us in welcoming Christina to the Advisory Board!  Connect with Christina on LinkedIn.

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