Best Tools for Virtual Collaboration:

Teamwork makes the dreamwork! – Everyone, ever.

Well, it’s certainly true for us over here at Cloud Campaign! It’s been amazing to see how much our team has been able to connect and collaborate recently, despite not having sat together in the same office for months! If there’s anything to be grateful for in 2020, it’s all of the tools that we have at our disposal that make collaborating in a virtual environment so effortless. Sure, hopping on zoom has become a pretty good alternative to meeting face-to-face in a conference room, but “zoom fatigue” is a very real thing, so we’re here to share some alternatives!


Slack is our team’s go-to for quick communications and collaborations that may not be communicated efficiently in a formal email. We frequently use polls to share ideas, (such as our weekly goals), and can even give each other virtual tacos to congratulate one another on our wins. Admittedly, virtual tacos aren’t quite as tasty as the real deal, but these mini luxuries that Slack affords us are excellent, fun ways to keep in touch as a team.   

Google Docs:

A classic, for sure, but Google Docs is still around for good reason. Having the ability to edit content in one place, at the same time, makes Google Docs the 2020 version of the good old-fashioned whiteboard in a conference room. Try logging your meeting minutes in a google doc for efficient sharing with your team. No more having to type up your scrappy pen and paper scribbles in an email after the fact!


If you’re in need of a virtual white board that will let you mock-up quick drawings to share with your remote team, look no further than Stormboard. This tool is intuitive and affordable, (even offering FREE personal plans that you could leverage for a small team)! Tired of those markers running out of ink? That’s not a problem anymore. And better yet, Stormboard will let you save each iteration of your brainstorming, so you’ll no longer be disappointed when someone walks into your conference room during a break and wipes something out that you need!


Our go-to favorite for Gant charts, To-Do lists, and sharing workloads, Asana does it all. You’ll get full visibility into what your team is up to, can track progress against goals, and feel good as you tick things off together. Asana offers a free basic plan, and affordable options based on the features that your team needs!

Of course, there are a ton of other fantastic tools out there, and these just represent a small portion - but each of these has been tried and testing by someone on the Cloud Campaign team. With the state of our world right now, collaborating virtually is looking like it'll play a big role in our future - but embracing it can be easy with the tools that we have on hand! What are your favorites? If there are tools that you love, let us know - we'd love to share them with our community of Cloud Campaigners! Reach out to us any time on FacebookInstagramTwitter or LinkedIn - we are very interested in hearing what your team is doing to work together!

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