Success Story: 98 Buck Social

Are you struggling to manage hundreds or thousands of social media clients? Find out how 98 Buck Social streamlined their workflow and eliminated bottlenecks with Cloud Campaign!

Clint Cobia (COO) and Chris Heuwetter (CEO) of 98 Buck Social. Courtesy: 98 Buck Social

Chris Heuwetter, CEO and Clint Cobia, COO of 98 Buck Social, shared with us why they switched from Hootsuite to Cloud Campaign, and how Cloud Campaign has helped them manage their rapidly growing business!

98 Buck Social

Headquartered in Jupiter, FL, 98 Buck Social, a marketing agency, offers quality social media marketing at an unbeatable price that all business owners can afford. With over 2,000 daily posts for over 1,000 brands, 98 Buck Social was in need of a social media management platform that could allow them to scale seamlessly and enable them to offer top of the line service to their clients.

The Problem

Managing so many clients (over 1,000!) on Hootsuite became a logistics nightmare.  Beyond the cumbersome nature of the platform and requiring multiple accounts, they experienced a high number of their social media accounts becoming disconnected from Hootsuite's platform resulting in their client's social media posts failing to be published.  The re-linking process was equally as painful.

With a lack of robust scheduling options, 98 Buck Social's team was forced to log into the platform every day, even holidays, to publish posts for their clients.  This process quickly became unscalable and they knew there had to be a better way.

98 Buck Social team in their South Florida office. Courtesy: 98 Buck Social

The Solution

After many years struggling with glitches in Hootsuite’s software, 98 Buck Social turned to Cloud Campaign and experienced an improved workflow that allowed their team to handle their clients’ needs more efficiently! Setting up 98 Buck Social’s dashboard and integrating their client’s brands was quick and easy, and the Cloud Campaign team were there to help every step of the way.

One thing they love most? From a business standpoint, Cloud Campaign has really enabled the team to scale their business. CEO, Chris Heuwetter stated, “Cloud Campaign was able to deliver on a fast and efficient system that allowed us to add more and more clients without experiencing a bottleneck or any other technical issues”.

Check out the testimonial video above. We are always so excited to hear what our customers love most!

Some members of the team in their South Florida office. Courtesy: 98 Buck Social

If you’d like to join 98 Buck Social as part of the Cloud Campaign community, schedule a free demo today!

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